Costa Farms Website

Costa Farms Rebranding and Website Redesign.

JumpHawk Website

JumpHawk Rebranding and Website Redesign.

Walk Cycle

Walk cycle animation of a character.

Balance Bar Website

Balance Bar Website Redesign.

Moosylvania Case Studies

Case study updates for Moosylvania.com.

America’s Pet Debate Case Study Video

Storyboarding, layout and illustrations for Moosylvania's case study video about the America's Pet Debate project for Purina.

Enterprise CarShare Program

Website update for Enterprise CarShare program pages.

Moose Case Scenarios

Contact form for MooseCaseScenarios.com.

Holiday Party Invite

Invitation that I made for our company holiday party.

Enterprise CarShare SignUp Form

Enterprise CarShare street team sign-up form for iPad.

Moosylvania Newsletter

Template for the Moosylvania monthly newsletter.

Miscellaneous Illustrations

A compilation of various illustrations.

BML Landing Page

Concept for a PayPal Bill Me Later microsite.

Friends of Wings Poster

This poster was designed as part of Friends of Wings‘ Project Flutter. This was a unique fundraising […]

Margot Typeface

Margot is a typeface that I designed to communicate a comfortable, handmade quality.

Green Illustrations

A series of illustrations that I made to supplement a presentation.

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I’ve always wanted to get a delivery
from a messenger pigeon.

No pigeon? Well, that’s okay.

Type your message in the form and
when you click SEND we’ll both pretend
we hear pigeon wings.


Why is design important?

When visual communication is clear, everything goes smoothly. But with bad design…terrible things could happen. Say a man is walking his dog and pauses to try and decipher some confusing signage. But it doesn’t make sense. Exasperated and frustrated, he kicks a can on the sidewalk. The can—also confused—hurtles through the air and startles a nearby bird; the bird escapes into an open window, where it knocks a burning candle into a trash can. Before you know it, the whole apartment building goes up in flames.

Good design prevents fires. That’s what I’m saying.